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Chicago Above Ground Pools & Liners

For the best in trustworthy expertise, when it comes to Chicago above ground pools, the name you can rely on is The Pool Guyz. Since 2004, we have established ourselves as the local leading experts for above ground pools and liners in Chicago. Yet our experience in the field spans well over 25 years. Our main two areas of focus are being able to provide exceptional customer care, as well as staying current with innovations, changes and trends in the industry.

There may be other above ground pool companies in the area but too many of them are simply profit driven; they hire salespeople not pool experts. We believe in nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction and that shows in the way that we treat our customers and the results that we get. Not to mention, our customer feedback and high rate of referral and repeat business says a lot about who we are as a company. Don't just take our word for it; give us a call today and let us start with your free estimate.

We buy direct and pass the savings on to you so that we can save you money as well as take the best care possible of your needs. Simply put, the Pool Guyz is your best choice when it comes to all things related to pool liners and related services.

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

Chicago above ground pool liner replacement and repairsDuring the life of an above ground pool a repair of some kind will be inevitable. Damage to your pool can come from many things but the most popular are, rust and back-fill "cave-in's". It is essential to address these problems immediately to prevent further damage and expense.

Rust - Rust usually goes undetected until an old liner is replced. There are many reasons why it forms but the most popular are from liner leaks, and skimmer & return leaks. Also, when an above ground pool is sunk into the ground even a little bit, the back-fill (usually dirt) retains excessive moisture causing rust to form on the wall.

Repair Process - When caught early we refer to it as "surface rust" which is grinded off using an electric angle grinder. Rustoleum paint is then applied to the affected area to kill the rust and to keep it from spreading and returning When gone unoticed for a prolonged period of time the rust will "eat" through the wall leaving a hole with very sharp edges. In these cases we apply the same steps as above but patch the hole using a piece of stainless steal panel. The panel is then riveted and the seams taped. The patch is completely unnoticable from inside the pool and the integrity of your pool is restored.

Let us show you the quality results that we are able to get with this option, a well as our other choices. By understanding your choices you can make a solid decision, as a wise homeowner and an informed consumer. Get in touch with us right now and let us show you all that we can do for you.

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Above Ground Pool Liner Sales

Chicago above ground poolsApproximately 95% of pool installers do not actually know how to install a liner correctly – that's an alarming rate! With so little knowledge of these liners, do you really want to work with a company for above ground pool liner sales that has no knowledge of the product that they carry and are trying to sell you? We provide you with the best value. We are registered dealers with the biggest pool supply distributors in the country and purchase above ground pool products at wholesale prices. Our liner prices are better than any pool retailer in Illinois. For example, In The Swim, one of the countries larger pool retailers, has prices 40%-50% higher than ours. Yes, they are the same liners.

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Our mission is to set you up with the right product so that you are happy with the results – not so you call us in a few short years needing repairs or replacement because we sold you the wrong thing or the installation wasn't handled correctly. When it comes to your Chicago above ground pool company services, you can rely on The Pool Guyz. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the results that you deserve.

If you need above ground pools and liners in Chicago, please call 630-797-1523 or complete our online request form.

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