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Easy Steps For Closing an Above Ground Pool

chicago il above ground pool safety Winter here moves in quickly in the Chicago area. If you are not ready to get your pool ready to close up for the season, you may find yourself scrambling to close up, long past when you should have started. While no one wants to say goodbye to the pool and say hello to winter, it is better to be prepared. As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You may have someone professional who does this for you and, in that case, now is most certainly the time to make the call. Or, it may be that this is something that you and your family do on your own, a sort of bon voyage to summer. Either way, the more you know about how to handle it, the better off you will be.

Say Goodbye for Now!

It doesn't have to be complicated to close up shop for the fall and winter. Here's a few of the rudimentary basics to know about:

This is the ideal time to test the water and clean it. You want the right balance and to get it at a pH that's about 7.5 with alkalinity between 100-150 ppm. If anything, it's better to be on the high side of these figures before pool closing time; it will level out during the off season.

It's all about winter chemicals now, too. Aside from what's already been mentioned it's about calcium, shocking the pool and winter algaecide. This will help ensure that your pool is in the condition it should be, come springtime.

Now you should take the time to plug up the return line. Remove the eyeball fitting and seal it up the rubber plug with a wingnut. For the skimmer, remove the basket for winter storage. You have the option of implementing a winter skimmer cover. These are plates used to cover the entire skimmer. This enables you to skip draining the pool skimmer, saving you the time and effort.

When it comes to the pump and filter, you can remove the drain plugs, pump, and all the hoses. If you also have a chlorinator, you should remove this as well. This and the hoses should be stored indoors, such as your storage shed. Keep the drain plugs in the basket for safe keeping so that you can easily find all the pieces, come spring.

From there, it is time to cover it. You have the option to use an air pillow first. This device is used mainly to help alleviate some of the pressure on the sides of the above ground pool, once the water turns into ice and expands. Of course, also remove the ladder or any other equipment in place, before installing the cover for the winter.

Want to Know More?

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